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If your traditional software is creating a problem and bind you to use it with totally system dependent, then you have a chance to eradicate this problem by giving a try to QuickBooks support. It’s one of the best accounting software that can be operated in online mode from any place. In comparison to other accounting software, this helps you in maintaining the accounting system in a better flow. This software allows you to easily integrate with other applications effectively without creating any hinder in existing files. You can experience a smooth accounting while working online on QuickBooks.

How to overcome if QuickBooks run slowly in multi-user mode

Multi- user version of QuickBooks allows you to work with two or more users in same company file. If you are operating in the multi user QuickBooks then there might be a situation that can make your QuickBooks run slow. For avoiding such condition and the better performance of multi-user mode, ensure that your QuickBooks server is installed in the same system in which the company file is stored. Follow the multi user guide properly for setting up the QuickBooks in your computer.

Store your company files on the QuickBooks installed computer

In all conditions, always place your company files in the same computer in which the QuickBooks has been installed. In case of any help you can check the information mentioned in the multi user set up.

  • Install the QuickBooks software on the system which has high amount of RAM as it needs high processors, memory and disk space for working. High processor can serve your needs better.
  • Do not use the computer which has least usage of QuickBooks

How to operate on multi user set up?

Multi user mode of QuickBooks allows you to perform most of the daily task without hampering its performance ability. Time taking task can affect the performance of other users so you can complete that task when other users are not working. For increasing the speed of your work, perform your task on the system connected o the network.

Some modifications in your existing working scenario can work well to improve the day to day operation performed on QuickBooks multi user mode

  • Choose don’t remind me option for all those task in which reminder is not required
  • Automatically refreshing setting can slow the speed of working , instead select the prompt me to refresh or don’t refresh options from the reports and graph preference available in the QuickBooks

Things you can do for report setting in QuickBooks

Using a large size report in the multi user software of QuickBooks can hamper other users from their working on the same existing files of the company. For very large reports you can follow the steps mentioned below

  • Be sure that all user have logged out before you run the large size reports of the company
  • Refresh the report only when needed; leave it without refreshing in case you are not working on such reports.

For any technical issues or query, you can contact to QuickBooks Enterprise Support that can guide you well regarding all the features of QuickBooks.

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